The big day – the best day – the crazies day! I’ve heard it all. Although it gets to be crazy with organization, little issues that pop up along the way, the weather not cooperating…it still ends up being a fabulous day!

Why do some photographers limit the time they give a client for their wedding day? Who is to say that it will all flow along seamlessly and fit within that “x hours” you paid to have captured?

Sorry, not sorry – I do not feel the way some do about that. All of my clients receive my services from the time they are done with hair/makeup (usually I capture the ending of that process), clear until the last special event at their reception and even a little more of the fun there.

I do get to know my clients the best I can before their wedding day. This has allowed me to know as much as I can to keep myself and a second photographer (if needed) flowing through the day as best as we can, knowing what to expect as the day goes on.

When you’re starting the process of looking for a photographer, I strongly advise that you ask for all details of what their services include. We are in a time where photographs are easier to work with thanks to technology, but more of us are putting a lot of time into each and every shot making sure they are professionally done before they are in our clients hands and on their walls. We aren’t just working the day of your wedding, we work far beyond that. Many, many hours are spent editing. You’re money goes to the day of service, the editing, the equipment and so much more!

Keep in mind, wedding photography is an investment you make. Ask for a portfolio, get quotes from several, ask all the questions you feel necessary, and for goodness sake – don’t just settle with the “cheapest” one. You’re probably not going to have a catering business with yucky food serve your guests just because they were more affordable. You’ll spend a little more to get better quality, no doubt.

Kinda just brain dumping on this post. I’m passionate about my work, I know my value, and I admire other photographers who are proud of what they do to go above and beyond. Often I give suggestions on other photographers and vendors to check with, we all try to work together the best we can!

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