This year has already taught me just how fast life can change. I started off the new year with a post about the importance of photographs in our lives. Now, when I do these posts, I do ramble on a little from one thing to the next, but I’m sure ya’ll get the point.

I wrote that not knowing within a couple weeks I would be clinging to photographs, all I had left to remember my father. And two voicemails that I’m glad I had kept. One of which he was proud of me for finally personalizing my voicemail greeting – ha! I get my procrastination honestly, from both parents.

I’m very blessed with talented parents. My mother has been an artist all her life, and now takes amazing macro photography shots in nature. My father had always been an artist, he was even a videographer and I’d say a photographer, too. My father’s parents loved technology, investing money in cameras and film over their lives. Grandma Young was quite the photographer of sorts, capturing her families lives from day one.

Do yourself a favor, dig out those old photographs – especially if you have living family members to do so with. Take notes when they tell you stories. Keep these things close, because it may be all you’re left with someday. Pass these stories and photographs on to your children or family. Recognize the importance of every visit…call…text…

Writing this was inspired by the work I have been putting into restoring some of my favorite shots from my father’s photographs. His memorial service will be held at the end of May, so I intend to make him proud with a slideshow of photographs. I know he would love what I’m able to do with editing, bringing life to scratched/distorted photos. Love you Dad.

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