Always a fun and soulful experience. The love between two people, being celebrated by all the people they cherish. I have done a lot of weddings, and each has been a unique experience.

When a bride-to-be reaches out to me, I always ask for all the information I need to give a price. I always cover the entire day, because who wants to be rushed and limited on this special day?! From the moment a bride needs me there, to the last special event at the reception – I’ll be there capturing it all. Never settle for anything less than perfect on one of the best days of your life!

A little throwback to one of my first weddings!
An unexpected shot while doing a fabulous wedding at the Bedford Springs. One of those “ohhh wait right there!” moments!
The Reasy wedding is a top favorite – October warm weather, beautiful couple, and the scenery was amazing.
This wedding was super awesome! The couple met at camp, and married there years later! Everything was so natural, right down to the fern bouquet!
One of the most beautifully decorated weddings. I loved every detail the bride thought of, and they did it all themselves!
Laura has been a long time friend, so it was easy to capture their sweet wedding. Matt and Laura we a lot of fun!
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